How To Quit Smoking

Smoking is detrimental to individuals’ health. There is no safe way to smoke tobacco. Therefore, replacing cigarettes with hookah or cigars will not prevent any damages that tobacco causes. Cigarettes contain about six hundred ingredients that when smoked produce almost 7,000 chemicals. A considerable amount of the chemicals causes cancer. With that knowledge, some people struggle to quit because it is a highly addictive behavior. Here are some of the changes that smokers can make in order to quit smoking;

Positive Thinking

Quitting tobacco is not easy. Individuals try to quit several times before finally quitting. Giving up should not be an option. Being positive about the whole process is important. Relapsing is normal; therefore, individuals should not be too hard on themselves. They should take it as a learning process and try their best to resist the urge.

Change The Diet

Studies have shown that some foods like meat make cigarettes more satisfying. Some foods, on the other hand, cause the cigarette taste to be terrible. Examples of such foods include fruits, vegetables, and cheese. A change in the diet will help to reduce the cravings and sticking to the diet will help the smokers to quit once they realize they can stay without nicotine eventually.

Change The Drinks

Fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea, and coffee have been found to enhance the taste of cigarettes. Therefore, switching to water and juice can help to reduce the cravings. Most people tend to crave cigarettes when they are taking alcohol. Replacing it with sweet wine or fruit juice will help.

Get Some Support

Quitting alone is not easy. Individuals need people in their lives who will help them to stop the bad habit. They could be friends or family who are always with them. Every time they have cravings, they could talk to them, and they will keep them preoccupied. This is because cravings are there for a short while then they disappear. Once the cravings are managed properly, quitting becomes easier. In addition to that, getting professional help can help. People are four times more likely to drop the habit when they get help from experts.


Studies have shown that exercising helps to reduce cigarette cravings. Exercising for just five minutes can cut cravings significantly. This is because after exercising, the brain may be triggered to produce anti-craving chemicals. With time, smoking becomes uncomfortable, and the individual eventually quits the habit.…